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Banish Imposter Syndrome FOR GOOD.
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Hello, I’m Annie

Intuitive Coach For Individuals Ready to Banish Imposter Syndrome, Perfectionism and Procrastination FOR GOOD.

Up to 82% of people have Imposter Syndrome.

No more same old self help stuff we’ve all heard before.

I’m here to change that stat in a fresh way with a simple mind-body framework that you can use instantly to embed new beliefs and improve mental well -being, increase productivity.

 ▪️Unshakeable Confidence. ▪️Fearless. ▪️Self-Trust.

You want more success in your dating life, looking to launch your own business, aching to pen a best seller?

I really get it. I’ve been there. 

Create a better relationship with yourself, develop a kinder self-talk, make changes immediately.

…This is how you realise your own potential, become the person you want to be and catapult yourself into the life you’ve always desired for yourself.





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…Want the tools to make that actually happen so you’re not in the same place this time next year?

By combining evidence-based tools with my highly skilled intuitive coaching, hypnotherapy, power tapping ( EFT/TFT) you will feel empowered to change your unwanted beliefs, behaviours and habits. This is the path to a more fulfilled existence.

You Know You’re Meant For MORE…

Reach Out To Me.  Book a FREE call.  You deserve to THRIVE.

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You know you’re meant for more…

If You’re Someone Who Feels You’re Not Good Enough and Spiral into Negative Self Talk and Self Sabotage…
I have some spots open for 1:1 customised coaching
Don’t miss the opportunity to work with me.
Email I’ll ask you a few questions to make sure I’m the right person to help you.

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Welcome to Annie Ashdown
Ready To Banish Imposter Syndrome FOR GOOD, Become The Person You Want to Be and Get The Most Out of Life?