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5 Ways to Change Your Mindset to Achieve More Success


Why do some people become highly successful when others don’t?

Oprah, Beyonce, JK Rowling, Simon Cowell, Richard Branson, Madonna? Why?

How do you explain when others are able to achieve great things that seem to defy all of the assumptions?

Why is Oprah still so successful after 25 years on TV and continues to excel?

Why her?

Why was it Martin Luther King led the civil rights movement – he wasn’t the only man in America who suffered in pre civil rights in America.

Why him?

Many would argue there are successful people who are more talented, better qualified, harder workers, but yet they haven’t reached such a high level of success.

Whilst there are many ways to change your mind set to achieve more success, I have compounded 5 of the most important things which can be learned.

Here are 5 powerful ways to change your mind set to achieve more success:


Successful people take the approach if someone else has achieved huge success so can they. They are motivated and inspired by other people’s achievements and believe that there are limitless opportunities for them to reach the same level of success.

They like to champion people who are more successful than them. They know that comparing themselves to others means giving their power away. They know they can be anything but can’t be everything.

They know the only game they can really win is being who they are and constantly working on becoming a better version of themselves.

Successful people play their own game.

They are aware that there will always be someone doing better than them on some measure, always. If they ever do compare it’s for information, not intimidation.

If they do ever feel that stab of envy, they own it by sharing it with someone, so that it loosens its grip.  They are smart enough to know that all that glitters isn’t gold so the comparison game is a futile one.


They know that changing their self beliefs and feeling good about themselves is a life long journey and they are not going to feel super happy and positive 24/7 so it’s their job to make it a daily priority to challenge any negative self talk.

They don’t ruminate; they replace any critical thoughts with more accurate statements, and acknowledge that the inner critic is not a reflection of reality.

JK Rowling speaks about shutting down her negative self talk by simply “ learning to fail” and then being able to move on without being hurt every time.

Emma Watson says when her inner critic is telling her she isn’t good enough or she doesn’t deserve success she asks the question “if not me, who?”

They are aware the inner critic is a viewpoint that they adopted based on low self esteem that was brought on  by destructive experiences and attitudes directed towards them when they were younger and that they internalized them as their own point of view and they have been habitual.

Successful people don’t act on the directives of their inner critic. They take actions and make decisions and choices based on what they want to be and aim to achieve. By identifying separating from, and acting against these destructive critics inside their head they know they will grow stronger and the inner critic will grow weaker.

In my last book The Confidence Factor I speak about this in more depth, if you are interested in learning more.


Reframing is seeing situations from a different perspective, which is hugely helpful in solving changes and set -backs.

Successful people don’t get stuck in how they see situations. Their aim is always to be more empowered to act and learn at the same time. They are masters at cultivating creative and critical thinking skills.

They set aside their ego and look for other viewpoints, all the different ways they could view the situation. They reset their expectations and redirect their words so they can conserve their energy for moving forward..

When things get difficult, they become more determined, they don’t quit. They keep moving forward towards their goals and if something doesn’t work and they have an initial disappointment, they reframe the failure believing something way better is on its way in its place.

They reframe set- backs by challenging challenges its perceived limitations and turn it upside down by thinking about what result they would get if they did the opposite.

With challenging situations they brainstorm how they can become good idea,sthey asee the positive in everything.

They are tenacious and have a conviction.

As Beverly Sills said “ There are no short cuts to any place worth going”

If something hasn’t gone the way they planned and they hit obstacles they find ways around it, or hire a coach or a mentor who can advise and help them, they do NOT give up.

They are not easily derailed and they certainly don’t allow others to throw them off their path to success.  They focus on building their resilience and even if they do feel in the funk at times they push through by reframing any negative thoughts into positive thoughts. They genuinely believe they deserve to achieve their goals and dreams and remain patient, persistent, positive and optimistic.


They read a lot.   It’s been well documented Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Madonna, Tony Robbins love reading.

They are super selective about what they read.

Highly successful people focus on growth, solutions, and self improvement.

They are constantly looking to stimulate their brain, learn, and improve to become the best version of themselves they can possible be.  They understand the value of knowledge and learning to make them more valuable in the workforce.

Reading is a key part of their huge success.

A young Elon Musk read for 10 hours each day before growing up to become Tesla CEO.

Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates reads a new book each week.

Billionaire, Rubenstein, co founder of The Carlyle Group, reads 6 books a week.

They admit to themselves they don’t know everything and believe reading can open their mind up to new possibilities, new thoughts and motivate and inspire them.


They incorporate routines into their lives to help them stay at the top of their game, rituals that will help them be more productive, energized and focused.

They like to exert as much control over their schedule, time and energy as possible.

The routines successful people set are conscious, intentional actions to maximize productivity which improve their life.

They understand how important it is to practice self care daily.

Tim Ferris journals, meditates and drinks “titanium tea” a mix of pu-erh aged black tea, green tea, and turmeric and ginger shavings that he brews in a glass teapot.

Arianna Huffington takes a minute to breathe deeply, practice gratitude and sets her intention for the day.

Tony Robbins spends 3 minutes focusing on the things he is going to make happen, his 3 to thrive, 3 minutes feeling grateful for 3 things in his life, meditates for 3 minutes, practices deep breathing exercises and takes a freezing cold shower to invigorate him.

Successful people incorporate routines to create a life that is truly rich and rewarding.  They know that when they don’t create time for themselves, their attitude and their overall sense of well – being suffers.

They practice self care as they understand that they are their most valuable asset.

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