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My Story
Have we met? I’m Annie!

My mission is to help you activate positive change that’s lasting. My past clients would tell you that my *zone of genius*  is my psychic ability…quickly being able to see you for who you are and who you could be and what needs to happen to get you there.

A born-and-raised London girl with a difficult upbringing, a passion and a dream. Trust me, I know what it’s like to want to make big changes, work hard, push, strive but wonder why you can’t get ahead, feeling anxious and overwhelmed, a nervous system flooded with survival instincts.

Obsessing over the outcomes kept me  in limbo. I was operating from the place of desperation ‘I must make it happen’ blinding my intuition, judging myself, beating myself up…I wasn’t aware those negative narratives were stuck points in my nervous system…

I don’t have all the answers. I get mired in fear and self doubt, just like everyone. But I’m here to serve, committed to lovingly help you, boldly, regulate AND rewire your nervous system, unapologetically stand in your sovereignty, learn how to maintain that, to hold it, to stay in it.

I split my time between working in-depth with a small number of private clients and brands, whilst writing. Having had two published non fiction books, I’m stepping way out my comfort zone and writing a  novel.

A day at a time I’m moving on from my yesterdays…From who I was. In all areas. On all levels. In all ways,  I’m doing well.

My values, mission & foundations

I believe we are here to be the best version of ourselves.  My passion is permanent changes, although quick fixes are nice. Integrity is my basis…

Every single person is important. We are all equal as human beings.

I wish for a world where we not only support each other but each feel anything is achievable and we are more than capable, where we create a life we love, and feel content and happy within.

I have honed my methodologies over 20 years to provide the most successful approach to change and transformation.

…anchored my work in not only my personal experience, but a potent blend of science, strategy, and spirituality.

…guided many people to make long-term change and have been recognized as an authority in the field by Psychologies Magazine on their panel of international specialists and contribute to many media outlets.

Halfway through my training to become a psychotherapist, I changed course and trained as a coach, clinical hypnotherapist, and energy healer.

I realized the value of implementing permanent adjustments at the neurological level, establishing the foundations for my methods today rather than emphasizing the cognitive.

Welcome to Annie Ashdown