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My Messy Story

Make Dreams Happen. Clear Years of Blocks. Fears. Sabotage.
My Story

Trust me, I know what it’s like to want to make big changes, work harder but wonder why you can’t get ahead. The pain became my comfort zone. I was too afraid to move beyond it. But the worst part was knowing I had wings, realising how much potential I had, but not feeling good enough to fly.

I had an extremely difficult childhood resulting in years of anxiety, unworthiness and insecurity. I lacked confidence and self – belief,  and constantly sought approval. I became the UK media go -to -expert and secured 15 episodes of a prime time TV show and a book deal. I was flying. My agent had requests coming in from TV networks in NYC and LA. And I had a persistent, internalised, fear of being exposed as a fraud.

From the outside, my life looked good. Privately, though, I was struggling, overwhelmed by the attention, anxious that I couldn’t meet with the expectations of others…fear was running the show.  I craved BIG success, yet was terrified of it.

I felt so overwhelmed, my nervous system was flooded with survival instincts. Obsessing over the outcomes kept me in limbo. I was operating from the place of desperation ‘I must make it happen’ blinding my intuition, judging myself, beating myself up…

The woman I am today, confidently, boldly, unapologetically knows her power, how to maintain that, to hold it, to stay in it.

I split my time between working in-depth with a small number of clients, and writing my debut novel to be adapted for screen.

A day at a time I’m moving on from my yesterdays…From who I was. In all areas. On all levels. In all ways,  I’m doing well.

My Values Include…

I believe EVERYONE can and should feel they are ‘good enough’…Quick fixes are nice but REAL lasting change is my passion… I believe that expertise and experience beats expose every time… I support you to achieve change using a potent blend of  science, strategy and spirituality… I’m always authentic, honest and kind:trust and integrity is my foundation…Over the past 20 years I’ve built my personal brand upon consistency, communication and commitment – I do what I say I will. I’m passionate about helping you DITCH the doubt, whilst simultaneously creating habits that last.


My Obsessions Include…

A beautiful home… Diptique candles… black ripped jeans, biker boots worn with pretty maxi dresses… cashmere v necks in every colour, white linen shirts… hearing the excitement in my clients voices when they’ve had a breakthrough…west end musicals, hanging out with my nieces,  orange roses and pink lilies… honesty, integrity, kindness… Tom Ford black orchid, reading, walking in nature, linen bedsheets, lavender pillow spray, the sound of waves, writing, sweatpants, notebooks… did I mention fresh mint tea?

Welcome to Annie Ashdown