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Annie Ashdown

Discover How Annie Ashdown’s Books Can Change Your Life

Whether you’re looking to manifest peak confidence, de escalate anxiety, ditch old habits and hidden blocks, or level up and get closer to that dream life you’ve got your sights on,  there’s a book here to help.

Annie Ashdown writes to inspire readers by giving them the tools, resources, information they need to stop waiting to be perfect, find their superpower, and just start, fall forward, forge the path to their success, level up, hit their goals  and become the best version of themselves.

Having hit rock bottom several times and bounced back, a lot of her writing is more often than not related to her life experiences.

Annie’s debut novel is launched in 2020 and is the first in a planned series.

Take a look below to check out her non- fiction books.

The Confidence Factor: The Seven Secrets of Successful People
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Doormat Nor Diva Be
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Real Confidence: Stop feeling small and start being brave
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