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Elevate with Annie

If you’re ready to elevate your life, then you’re in exactly the right place.

Private 1-on-1 Coaching

Private coaching with me is simple and straightforward. Every step we take together is tailored for you, and as you progress, so does your program. There’s no one -size- fits all, so I focus on what’s most important to you. I know that results are important and so that’s what the program gives you. Here’s how to know if it’s for you.

What elevate will do for you…

You’ll create a vision of the life you really want to be living + then start to bring that vision to life in all areas that are meaningful to you. You will go through an entire transformation on a strategic, spiritual and energetic level. 

First, we’ll deep dive to identify what you truly want to achieve and what’s been stopping you achieve that…With my x-Ray psychic vision, I can help you uncover this swiftly within 1-3 sessions. Once we’ve got this nailed, we’ll focus on proven methodologies. Not only will we work on strategy, energy and mindset but we will double down on the subconscious to release any hidden blind spots and resistance, limiting beliefs, old patterns, and outdated identities through my groundbreaking signature tapping technique and hypnotherapy to activate your highest potential.

We’ll pay close attention to your emotional mind and body’s energy system to release any resentments -often buried deep in the subconscious – that stifle your potential. By healing your inner child, reclaiming radical self acceptance, and the courage to be your authentic self, I will hold the space for you to work through triggers, challenges and any roadblocks.

It will make integrating all of the work so much easier…you will voice, move and release all the inner problems that are keeping you from feeling more alive, passionate, and connected, fearlessly doing things you never imagined you could do. You’ll anchor in more abundance and show up fully conscious, more potent and empowered…so you can receive as you’re meant to…  more joy, more ease and flow, more visibility, money, and opportunities.

How it works

You are a high level spiritual woman. You don’t want someone who leans heavily  on spirituality or leans heavily on strategy… you want someone who blends both…you don’t want more self-study, nor do you want to be part of a group or a mastermind. You want EVERYTHING customised for you – every channelling, every strategy, every idea…and you want to have someone who gets you, really gets you. You want to gain clarity on exactly where to focus your energy, to bring relief, a sense of power and a sense of trust.  You don’t want a one -size- fits all  formula or fixed way of coaching imposed upon you.

Expect high-level, hands on, intimate mentorship. A highly-tailored 121 program customised to your unique path and desires. 

  • 6 x 90mins 1-to-1 high intensity and accelerated coaching, that gets straight to the point, psychic, hypno-healing sessions over a period of three months – online on Zoom to work through the wins, the wobbles and the next best steps. Expect to feel energised, motivated and delicious during this time together.
  • An additional 90 mins session two weeks after you complete the three months to review, recap, ask me any questions, and bespoke an action plan so you can take the most productive steps forward.
  • Practical actions, hypnotherapy, EFT, inner child work, intentions or new habits tailor-made for you to focus on in between sessions to help you create the life you want to be living.
  • Expect UNLIMITED daily Voxer access to me for private support and cheerleading in between sessions throughout the three months + to enable you to have all your burning questions answered Mon-Fri. 10am-4pm.


There’s  also a VIP upgrade available for 5 and 12 month options also.   If you have a question that’s not answered on here or my FAQ and want to chat before signing up, please message and she’ll be happy to chat with you and make sure you have all the info you desire in order to make a decision about working with me or not.

Please note there will be NO hard sales or obligation for you to work with me, but I do ask that you  honour both our time, and only complete the form if you are serious about leaning into doing the work + expanding your full potential.

Let’s do this

Discovery Call.
If you’re ready to skip over some stumbling blocks and get there a lot faster…+ want me as your personal psychic, healer, mentor, hypnotherapist +  cheerleader  for the next three months to help you do that, then take the first step and complete this form to see if we are a good fit to work together. You will hear back from me within two business days. If I feel I can help you, we’ll jump on zoom.
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