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Who Are Your Clients?

Creatives, teens, queens of the corporate realm, therapists, lawyers, doctors, thriving individuals and global decision makers. The common theme is they are all ready to thrive and invest in themselves to make that happen.

What days are the sessions held and what takes place?

Wednesday. Thursday. Some Saturday mornings. If these days don’t work, other arrangements can be made.
Each session is focused, customised and adapted to suit your unique needs and goals.

Can you guarantee specific results?

I deeply believe in my ability to help you experience massive success in your life. BUT you have to bet on yourself, and be willing to try something new.

What if I’m unsure?

If you have any doubts, perhaps the time isn’t right for you or it may be your subconscious mind is keeping you in a state of resistance and prompting you to stay in your comfort zone.

Why is it worth the investment?

Because you can. Because it feels expansive. You want to. You don’t want to be in the same place one year from now.

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*Disclaimer.  I am not a medical doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist. I work differently from therapists. My coaching  and healing is a distinct service and inspires you  to rapidly move forward and transform change on a neurological level, somatic level and on an identity level. Not just a cognitive level. I am certified in all my treatments and have 23 years experience.