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Success Coach/clinical hypnotherapist for leaders
high level intuitive/soulful biz for entrepreneurs.


What is a success coach?

A success coach is a master coach who offers you a blend of specific techniques which are based on core psychological principals and high level intuition to reprogram your beliefs, mentor you and help you to create a successful relationship with yourself.   Success will not bring you happiness, but happiness will bring you success. As a success coach I focus on helping you set the right foundation for next level success by gaining clarity about the direction you want to head in and help you overcome challenges externally and internally, overcome emotional obstacles, and transform limiting beliefs, career transitions, and much more. I pride myself on communication that makes my coaching/mentoring simple for you. No psychobabble, simple, yet effective is one of my mantra’s.

What makes you any different from all the other coaches on the market?

The majority of coaches have been working in this field a few years. I have 2 decades of experience and was one of the first certified coaches in UK. I know what it’s like to be crippled by fear, doubt and anxiety, to have so much potential bubbling away inside but not know how to unleash it. I definitely know what it’s like to not believe that success and financial freedom are possible. I have been there and I can lead you away from fear and feeling stuck and into incredible success. This is where I truly outshine my competition. I take time to understand your needs, your mind set, your hopes, your desires to change career path, to transition into the next cycle of your life, to manage your stress and anxiety, to leave that unhealthy relationship, to take the leap of faith and/or help you to start your business, whatever your challenge is, I will help you to crystallize your vision and bring it into reality.

Where do the sessions take place? What if I am in a different time zone?

This is period of rapid change, and in light of the current concerns of UK clients not wishing to travel to attend face – face sessions,  and following the guidelines of World Health Organization  I have been conducting all UK sessions on Zoom since lock down on March 23.

It offers an excellent alternative to face to face sessions and allows me to work with clients wherever you are – nationally or internationally, saves  you travel costs and travel time, easier to schedule in the diary, slotted more easily around other commitments, more reliable and less likely to be postponed due to travel disruption or time pressures.

Why do I need to complete an intake form and we need to have a discovery call and how many sessions will I need?

It is important we discover if we are a mutually good fit.  I operate on a ‘one in/one out’ approach to my private client recruitment. This means I only have space for a new client when some completes their program with me or chose not to extend again.

Lisa, my PA will send you a detailed intake form which allows you to step back and consider the areas you’d like to focus on.

Then,  we schedule a discovery call to determine if there’s a mutual rapport between us. This also offers the opportunity for you to ask me any questions.

I like to have the opportunity to talk to get to know you; understand how you live your life, learn about previous experiences you’ve had and the attitudes, values and principals to which you subscribe; and what you are seeking from working with me. Then I can make an informed decision on the type of support you need and which program would be the best fit for you.

If we are a match and we decide to proceed, what are the next steps?

Once I am clear on your objectives, I will bespoke a program for you that is truly made for you.

What happens during a session?

Firstly we identify the goals and /or area of focus. Specific goals are a joint effort between us, and goals will be defined once you assess what issues to address in sessions.  It’s always helpful for you to get specific on what you want to work on. We will agree what level of challenge you want from me, and what kind of support. The goals may change during the time we work together.

I recommend keeping notes of what is happening between sessions. This will not only help you self reflect but also bring real life situations into the sessions, which can take the session to deeper levels. Be prepared to be challenged.

My coaching style combines a down to earth, matter of fact approach with a highly intuitive ability to uncover deeper truths. This enables my clients to gain insignificant insights into themselves that previously they had been unaware of.

We agree on some actions, summarize the session and we will both aim to stay on track  so that we can check good progress is being made. I always ensure that you gain full value from each session.

My coaching is very collaborative, and we only do what you feel comfortable and interested to try.

Two of my programs offer a blend of coaching and hypnotherapy. I am flexible to meet your particular needs.

Expect change. My coaching transforms lives.

How fast will I see results?

Everyone is unique. The dial on my coaching is turned high; you get to chose if you want me to dial it down or dial it even higher. It also depends how committed you are and the pace you want to go at.  Throughout or time working together, I am always guiding you to invest your time and energy into becoming the best version of yourself possible. The length of each program varies, but there is no limit for how long our partnership can last.

Are there any clients you don’t work with?

I don’t work with anyone who is not ready to invest in themselves at the highest levels, is not ready to take accountability, trust in the coaching process, ready to make changes, or be willing to fully immerse them in the process.  I also don’t work with anyone suffering from bi – polar, autism, asperger’s syndrome, violent tendencies, or schizophrenia

Do you work with clients who are in therapy?

Yes, VERY WELL. Many of my clients are in therapy. It works extremely well to work with a therapist and coach at the same time. I work with the future, and therapists work with the past. Whilst you work with a therapist with pathology and healing, I work with you on specific desired behavioral outcomes. We both ascribe to high ethical and professional standards and place the needs of our clients first, above our own. We both operate on the principle of confidentiality and strive to practice only within the scope of our training and effectiveness.

Are there any policies that I should be aware of?

Yes, my t&c are sent to you. If you are happy with them I ask you to please sign and return before we begin our journey together.

Can I refer others to you?

Most of my clients come through word of mouth. I would be honored if you wanted to refer client.  I offer a referral scheme. Please email for more details.

I want to help you ditch self doubt, de escalate anxiety and transform your life with unstoppable confidence so you can claim the success, money and happiness you deserve.
It’s your time… Let’s talk NOW about how I can help you do this. Click here to schedule a FREE  discovery call.

Let me work my magic on you!


P.S You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain. My 1:1 coaching programs are backed by my 100% guarantee. If you feel that they do not help you in any way, simply email me for a fast and a courteous refund and you can continue to work with me for a further 3-6 months absolutely FREE.