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My clients are getting these BIG results ( and you can too).

“Hiring Annie was expensive at that time, and I was hesitant for a while. I’m very happy I took the leap of faith. She has been invaluable to me. I loved what I was doing but knew inside knew I was meant for more, capable of achieving much more…but felt frustrated  I kept hitting a wall. Constantly procrastinating, doubting myself. She’s helped me feel comfortable with taking messy action, be more real and dive deep into what I really wanted to do in my life. I was impressed with her psychic abilities as it meant she  worked fast in discovering blinds spots and resistance.I felt seen and heard, like truly seen and heard. Wow. Eight months later and  I have given in my notice to do a masters, and secured part time work in a field  I love. I’ve never felt happier.” Tim D.

‘I worked with several coaches before being mentored by Annie.  I knew within the first session she was the one I had been looking for. She is a highly attuned intuitive so she scans into blocks pretty quickly, which have taken other coaches weeks and even months to uncover. I’ve achieved a lot in my career  but my personal life was a nightmare. I kept attracting emotionally unavailable men and really wanted a committed relationship. She helped me see I was the one who was emotionally unavailable, hence constantly attracting in commitment phobes… Six months on, I’m in an amazing relationship with a partner who is all in (as am I) and I sometimes find myself wanting to pinch myself.” Tammy L

Thanks Annie. I would never have had the courage to take my side hustle and turn it into my own business. I’m so incredibly grateful for all your help around that and my long term relationship which was toxic and you helped me find the courage to end it. I’d been so unhappy for so long. I had no clue my nervous system was running the show and I needed to not only regulate it but rewire it, which you helped me do.  Im now THRIVING.. Celene M

Working with Annie has been radical. I had achieved quite a lot in my business but sadly at the expense of my marriage as I was working weekends and nights. I didn’t know any other way. I realise now, looking back, I was disconnected from my needs, myself, my definition of true success, my big picture vision for life, not completely clear about what I wanted and had zero clue on how to create BIG changes. I moved out of London and I’m now engaged to be married to an amazing guy, having not dated after my divorce  in almost a decade. I am forever grateful to you Annie. Neela R.

OK, So I was super skeptical because I’m not into woo woo stuff ( or I wasn’t) and a colleague at work told me about how much Annie had helped her. I’m so grateful she went on and on trying to get me to see Annie (although at the time I felt so irritated). I felt stuck… struggling to say no, finding it hard to set boundaries. Thats all profoundly changed.. I’m taking leaps into the unknown… which is nothing short of a miracle. Who’d have ever thought  for someone so pragmatic, so into logic and academia, I’m now  into the woo woo! Alison G 

“Annie has changed my life. I was financially stable, and although already comfortable and successful, and life on the outside looked  great, I was always low on energy  on the inside, and started to feel resentful towards my work. Since we started working together, I have recognised my emotions related to money, self worth and self esteem and the rewards have reflected enormously in all areas of my life. I’ve completely changed my belief system, my eating habits, my daily routine, learned about how to best manage my stress, my energy levels… it’s all changed… It’s hard to out into words how different I feel, how different I see things and how different I am as a person. And because of that I’ve up-levelled in all areas of my life. Dee P.

‘A friend recommended Annie. I’d achieved a fair bit of success, but I doubted myself, and struggled with feelings of insecurity. I kept reaching a certain point and self- sabotaging. It was so frustrating as I didn’t know why I was doing this. I got tons of Annie’s time, energy and support not only during the sessions, but also in between…She helped me release this pattern, build a solid sense of self and shifted so many other parts of my mind, which has resulted in a quantum leap forward. You rock Annie Ashdown.”  Anita M.

‘Yes, yes yes! Working with Annie has blown my mind! I loved it! My hyper-critical self judgment and perfectionism crippled me. I learned from Annie how to be myself is the most powerful way I could be. This helped me move through procrastination and take some SUPER bold steps as a result. Her work was so highly personalised, I felt understood…which was important to me…I’ve moved from London to Italy and started my own business. And I’ve met someone special. ‘ Janice K.

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