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“Hiring Annie was one of the most expensive purchases I had made at that time, and I was hesitant for a while. I’m so pleased I took the leap of faith. She is invaluable to me. She helped me gain an unshakeable self belief. I’ve skilfully negotiated double my old salary in a new position, working way less hours. Thank you Annie.”
Dana D.

‘I worked with several coaches before being mentored by Annie.  I knew within the first session she was the one I had been looking for.  Nothing is scripted, it’s all bespoke and she is highly attuned as an intuitive which is a complete game changer as I got breakthrough’s at each session. I’m a high achiever who wanted to reach an even greater level of success WITHOUT the hustle. Having worked with Annie for 6 months, I have achieved this. She is the real deal.”
Tammy L.

Working with Annie has been transformative. I’m achieving my milestones and have 3x my income, impact and influence without all the hustle.
Lucy V.

Working with Annie has been radical. I had achieved quite a lot in my business but sadly at the expense of my marriage as I was working weekends and nights. I didn’t know any other way. I had no clue about energetics and negative beliefs… I am now working a few days a week, earning almost 3 times what I used to earn… I am forever grateful to you Annie. Neela R.

Thanks Annie. I’m really clear on what I want and I would never have had the courage to take a bold leap and move countries and I’m so incredibly grateful for all your help around that and my business, which was surviving when we met and is now thriving. Celene M

“Working with Annie has changed my life. Since we started working together, I have recognised my emotions related to money, self worth and self esteem and the rewards have reflected enormously in my bank account.”
Dee P.

‘A friend recommended Annie. I’d achieved a fair bit of success, but I doubted myself, and struggled with feelings of deserving. No matter how hard I worked I wasn’t able to manifest what I wanted. I kept reaching a certain point and self- sabotaging. It was so frustrating as I didn’t know why I was doing this. Annie has helped me release this pattern, build a solid sense of self and shifted so many other parts of my mind, which has resulted in a quantum leap forward. You rock Annie Ashdown.”
Marcia G.

Yes, yes yes! Working with Annie has blown my mind! I loved it! Her coaching methodologies, the  tapping, hypno – healing, psychic downloads, her wisdom, all of it has not only changed my mindset, my perspective, but also my income in a profound way. Truly, thank you Annie.
Jenny K.

OK, So I was super skeptical because I’m not into woo woo stuff ( or I wasn’t) and a colleague at work told me about how much Annie had helped her. I’m so grateful she went on and on ( although at the time I felt so irritated). I was so unhappy in my role, I wanted more money, more respect, more acknowledgement… here I am 6 months on, in the same organisation, new role, more money and way more respect. I’m comfortable saying no, setting boundaries, asking for what I want and need and taking bold actions. Who’d have ever thought  for someone so into logic and academia, I’m now even into the woo woo! Alison G 

I’ve Coached and Mentored Professionals Who Know The Make - Or Break Importance Of Moving Through Fear, Anxiety And Self - Sabotage.

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