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Private Mentorship

1-2-1 Private Mentoring.

Finally Break Away From Imposter Syndrome, Perfectionism and Procrastination – FOR GOOD – Start Creating The Life You Desire.

Let’s look at where you are today, gain clarity on where you would like to go, and really understand what might be standing in your way- and I’ll introduce you to a simple, yet effective framework to overcome it and dramatically improve your life. 

3 Ways To Work Together. 

Option 1.  Stand Alone Session. 1 hour and 30 mins. 121 Customised Coaching.

Option 2.  Stand Alone Session 1 hour and 30 mins. 121 Customised EFT/TFT

Option 3. 6 Week Customised Program. With unlimited support between sessions. We will dig deep into your short and long term goals, your achievements and strengths, and crucially why and what you want to change. We will look at the common traps you fall into when making changes, pinpoint where you self sabotage, procrastinate and why you talk unkindly to yourself.

This Sounds Amazing-But What’s the Investment?

Payment Plans Available.
No interest added.

Looking for More?

There’s also a VIP upgrade available for 6. 9. 12 month options.

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Option 1.

1-2-1 Customised Coaching Session.

1 hour and 30 mins.

Bold moves taken blindly only get you so far.  You’ve hit a bump in the road, a twist in the path, and you need some intuitive support to get out of confusion and into focused action in order to smash your next level. Imagine how it would feel to be really clear on what needs to happen and how that needs to happen?

By the time we’ve finished the session you’ll have clarity on how to move forward, reassurance and ways to overcome any resistance to taking action, feel much more confident in your ability with clear steps to follow.

And two weeks of support on WhatsApp after our session for feedback and/or intuitive guidance.

The investment.


*The investment made here can be applied to any further 1-1 container, if you so choose.

This 6 week program is designed to give you solution focused sessions designed to help you get ‘unstuck’ with your desired action plan.

It will involve 3 x 2 hour zoom sessions offering customised coaching, EFT/TFT, clinical hypnotherapy and  psychic downloads ( if that’s your jam).

Between each session you’ll be taking action to support turning that dream life into reality.  I am with you every step of the way with unlimited WhatsApp support, voice notes, and regular check ins. Daily rituals tailor-made for you to keep the momentum, motivation and make your dreams come true.

The investment

Select the plan that works best for you. No interest is added to the payment plan.

Pay in full at start of your journey. £5550. (Full Price £5900)

Pay in three monthly instalments £1996.

Pay in six monthly instalments £983. 

Option 2.

1-2-1 EFT/TFT Customised Session.

1 hour and 30 mins.

My power tapping is a little different to the standard EFT. I focus on not just soothing your nervous system to ‘feel’ better and manage anxiety and stress but re-wiring it to silence that bitter inner critic, tap in your potential and install a new realm of self -belief.

During the session you simply mirror my tapping and tap on yourself with the constant support from me as you tap.

Quickly and effectively you will turn the fears that block your potential into the strengths that propel you forward.

The investment.

One off sessions can be booked for £140, however to truly invite you to ACTIVATE your inner power, 3- 5 sessions are strongly suggested.

Pay for 3 sessions for £360 ( saving £60)  or 5 sessions for £550 (saving £150)

You Know You’re Meant For More…

Reach out to me. Book a FREE call. You deserve to THRIVE.

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You know you’re meant for more…

Simple Tools. Fresh Approach. No More Same Old Self-Help Stuff We’ve All Heard Before.
Banish Imposter Syndrome FOR GOOD.  Become The Person You Want to Be and Create The Life You Desire.

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Welcome to Annie Ashdown

“For 15 years I have not exercised. I loathe sport. I find exercise repellent. I  tried EVERYTHING. I have always been skeptical about personal development. After one session with Author of ‘The Confidence Factor, Transformational Coach, Hypnotherapist, EFT, NLP, Healer Annie Ashdown the very next day I started my fitness plan and maintained it ever since.”

Annabel Brog

Editorial Director, ELLE Magazine