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“Thank you Annie, our members reported feeling invigorated, motivated and inspired after your talks. They loved the clear steps you gave them to raise their game”.

Jade Coles, Head of Events, Soho House Group.


I’m the first to admit I’ve had more issues than Vogue and, although I’ve worked through most of them… I’m still work in progress. I’m also at pains to point out that even though I’ve hit a few challenges on the way, I don’t have the monopoly on pain and grief. That said, I’ve learned a lot from the turbulence, and I love talking to audiences of all sizes about the highs, lows and lessons learned.

I write and deliver bespoke talks to inspire others to overcome imposter syndrome, procrastination, relax their perfectionism, maintain and sustain that inner drive, change perspective, shift that mindset and take inspired action to achieve and succeed. As someone that used to smoke 30 cigarettes a day, drink like a fish and suffer from chronic depression, I’m living proof that anything is possible.

I avoid psychobabble like the plague. Instead I offer relevant, practical tools and tips, and simple, no-fluff strategies that audiences can take and use straight away.

I speak from the heart and use storytelling, experiential learning and an interactive speaking style so audiences can relate and consider adjustments to their own lives.

“Thank you. We had such productive feedback from our guests. They loved the way you gave examples of how and why what you shared works”.

Events Team

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for your talk… you engaged everyone from the get go. You are just a brilliant speaker! We had fantastic feedback. Everyone loved it!”

Lorenza Pezzetta
Events Manager, Annabel’s

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In every talk I draw on my own experiences and what they’ve taught me, using wit and warmth to keep the mood upbeat and optimistic.

As a guest speaker I’m aware I have a responsibility to engage, inspire and motivate audiences so I always leave room to throw open the floor for Q&As.

I spoke to some corporate lawyers at a top tier law firm recently. Here’s some of the feedback they kindly passed on to me:

“I loved your talk about how to conquer imposter syndrome; you are a powerful speaker with absolutely fantastic material and lovely energy”.

“Wow, what an amazing talk on how to crush self doubt, quieten the inner critic and de- escalate anxiety. You radiate positivity”.

” Annie, what a powerful speaker you are. Thank you for all the useful strategies, which I  am finding  super effective when dealing with difficult clients and colleagues at work”.

“I found your talk so inspirational Annie, and your talk around imposter syndrome was really helpful. I took away so many great tips which I have implemented and already seen results”.

If you’re interested in me coming to speak to your private club members, female entrepreneurs, women’s networks, conferences, corporate employees, film and media colleagues, please contact; Charlotte Heath Bullock – 0203 286 6980.

I’m also available for networking events, podcast interviews, panel discussions and workshops.

Flights and accommodation must be taken care of in order for me to speak at your event outside London, UK.

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