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Work 1:1 With Annie

Let me show you how to master your mindset so you can claim the success, money and happiness you truly deserve.
Annie Ashdown


For the high achiever ready to transform dreams into realities, increase income, create more impact and build incredible lives in the next 6 months

It can be tough to change alone – but you can make a very conscious choice to not go it alone.

What About Deliverables?

I will help you better understand your patterns, teach you what to do to break unhealthy habits,  shed irrational fears, and stop undervaluing yourself  so that your mindset matches your aspirations and you can chase down those dreams with confidence and bliss.

I will help you identify your limiting biases and prejudices to create a life that you are madly in love with.

I will help you curb anxiety and understand the connection between anxiety and self doubt, explore where you need to build and preserve boundaries and offer you powerful templates on how to set and maintain them.

I will support you to find the courage to step outside of your comfort zone, to grow, to learn to let go of the things keeping you stuck… and dial up the things that will help you turn your dream life into a reality.

I will help you re-frame  the thinking and mindset that has kept you stuck and help to shift your perspective in order to build your self belief, self -acceptance and accelerate MASSIVE growth.

I will help you release  toxic comparison fatigue, perfectionism, and procrastination so you can own your power dial up your confidence, ditch the imposter syndrome and create more influence, impact and income.

I will be there  for you to help you navigate growth and obstacles and change. When you reach out to me in between sessions, you will always receive a rapid response.    That’s a claim very few coaches/mentors can make.


“I worked with several coaches before being introduced to Annie.  I knew within the first few sessions she was the coach I had been looking for.  Nothing is scripted, it’s all bespoke and she is highly attuned as an intuitive which is a game changer as I got breakthrough’s at each session. I’m a high achiever who wanted to reach an even greater level of success. Having worked with Annie for 6 months, I have achieved this. She did it for me.” Tony L.

“I had achieved a lot of success and created a big name in my industry before I started working with Annie but I had imposter syndrome,  and was full  of anxiety. I am now working half the hours I was working before, business is booming  and I’ve ditched the imposter syndrome. I’m a better leader, a better mother, and a much happier bunny” Tabitha D.

“I had a super successful career and a loving partner but something was missing.   I was feeling stuck,  frustrated and defeated. Annie helped me dissolve self limiting patterns and beliefs and break out of self – defeating assumptions and completely re-frame my mindset which has helped  strengthen all areas of my life.   I now feel very positive about the future”

Remember: YOUR dreams matter because YOU matter.

I know you feel like NOW is your time.

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Annie Ashdown


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