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30 Day Raise Your Game 1:1 Intensive

90 Minute Session
30 Day 1:1
Raise Your Game Intensive
I’ll help you build an individual blueprint for achieving the change you desire.

It’s time to flip the switch… to raise your game…You are successful, yet stagnant at the same time… you see your flaws, yet only a glimmer of your light… no wonder you procrastinate.

Imagine NO more anxiety, scattered thinking, overwhelm, false beliefs that have been wired into your core since birth and fears that are running the show and keeping you from creating the life you desire.

You’ll build your own success blueprint whilst you achieve the change you desire. This is a fully tailored program to help you move the needle.

You will achieve REAL change.

Without an inner solid ground, we are much more comfortable playing safe and being invisible. We do whatever it takes to avoid feeling that awful spade of anxiousness. We procrastinate, have excess energy up in our heads – racing, worrying, overthinking, and work hard to make more money.

Once you rewire your nervous system for WEALTH and SUCCESS, and reprogram outdated beliefs, your mind not only responds to your nervous system and welcomes it all in, but you also feel grounded in your body, solid in your self – value AND  give yourself  full and unapologetic permission to be all of who you are.

More connection with others, more ease and joy in your life, more fun… vs. being lost in shame, guilt, stress, overwhelm and worry.

You get to have EVERYTHING, the moment you make the decision to ditch the old programming, raise your vibrational energy so you are open to RECEIVE more…and show up for yourself in that energy.

30 Day Raise Your Game 1:1 Intensive.  

If this sounds like what’s most aligned to you right now, simply drop a line to, let me know you’d like to discuss working together, we’ll set up a 30 min zoom. If we both feel there is a good mutual fit we’ll get started.


If you aren’t quite ready for this level of commitment, or if this is NOT for you and it’s either TOO advanced or NOT advanced enough, I have other 1-1 programs that will serve you.

I offer various ways to decided my private coaching/mentoring/hypnotherapy/healing services. Simply drop an email to letting me know where you are at and what you feel you need and we will schedule a call to assess what’s best for you during a consolation conversation. 


Please email, let us know where you’re at, what you need help with. Before your session you’ll receive a detailed questionnaire from Annie to let her know what you want to focus on.

Highly tailored, high touch, deep immersion to regulate your nervous system,  1:1 work to help you energetically align to your goals, clear any energetic imbalances and money limitations on a neurological level so you move forward with ease and embody the next level version of you so you can manifest what you want.

Time to release the untruths, the beliefs, the limitations that are getting in the way of you raising your game and claiming everything you desire as your own.


2 x90, bespoke coaching/mentoring/hypnotherapy/healing/psychic sessions – We’ll meet every every other week to dive deep into the inner work and the outer work.

Customized hypnotherapy, EFT scripts, energy healings, and meditations.

Direct access to me via private messaging – you have me in your pocket m-f. This access to me is absolutely invaluable, you can ask any and all questions you may have, and share  anything that comes up. I can’t  always respond immediately, but I will always respond promptly.

I set you highly tailored tasks  in between sessions.

Let’s do this

Clarity Call
I can’t wait to show you HOW to step fully into your personal power and live life boldly and unapologetically.
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