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90 Day intensive 1:1

Rewired for success
This highly tailored 90 Day intensive 1:1 mind – body – emotion program is for those of you who DARE to dream bigger.
You know deep down that it’s time to stop doubting yourself, yet somehow you can’t quite do it.
It’s frustrating.

Here’s what’s going on… you’re holding yourself back because of the hidden stories that sabotage you in sneaky ways – ( you may or may not be aware of, but they’re there). If your subconscious isn’t aligned with your conscious desires you WON’T be a vibrational match to the success you want…

What if you could take more vacations, get to the gym as much as you want, when you want, buy the channel bag you have your eye on, pay off all your debts, have more time freedom for your family and loved ones, and give back to your community?

What would that FEEL like?

More abundance. More inner peace. More passion and fulfilment in your life. More grace and ease.

Imagine a day where confidence flows in, you’re bolder, you take audacious big action with a new level of ease and enthusiasm.

Can you FEEL that. Really see that as your life?

Because the treasures that are hidden inside you are hoping you’ll say YES.

Right now,  I know it might feel like a far – off dream to create the life you TRULY desire, BUT once you get into the energy space of the yes, what you want, wants you. Your next level is just waiting for you to say “Yes”.

You have to believe it first, to embody it, to expect it, to align with it, to be an energetic match.

Using a blend of hypno-healing, coaching, mentoring, psychic downloads, clinical EFT, multidimensional energetics, we can activate your healing and expansion on many levels so you quickly dissolve blocks and unresolved trauma, move past your negative beliefs that have held you back, and rewire in new beliefs, thoughts, emotions, habits, patterns to unfold a new version of yourself so you’re an energetic match to effortlessly manifest the life you desire.

Here’s What We Work On:
  1. MEETING YOURSELF WHEREVER YOU ARE – This means we dive deep into exploring your unconscious blocks, insecurities, emotions and all areas of resistance. Examine stuck points, shame, guilt, baggage from the past and Identify the unconscious inner child parts that have become activated and require attention ( triggering your nervous system, safety mechanisms). De-clutter, and heal to release the over – thinking, over – analysing, and over -doing, clear the blocks one by one to create the shifts necessary to move onto the mindset reset and alignment.
  2. MINDSET-BODY – EMOTION RESET – I am by your side supporting you to open up to possibilities beyond your wildest dreams. I compassionately take you through a systemized journey of mind- body -and – emotion system and subconscious healing to transcend your fears and blocks, reset your habits, regulate your nervous system, rewire your thought processes, shift your beliefs rapidly on a neurological level and expand your thinking and financial possibilities. You will develop a firm connection to your inner self. I work my magic. (No more procrastination, overwhelm or self doubt!
  3. STEPPING INTO THE DREAM GARDEN – Here we begin the magical journey of releasing the busy work, setting boundaries, time auditing and planning your action steps to create your first-class life with ease, grace, flow and JOY. You’ll step into your next level life and work on the goals we’ve determined. I help you embody your leadership, execute your vision, lead from the heart…break free from the need to control, handle emotional triggers with ease, manage anxiety, and meet your future self – the version you’ve always wanted to be who stays focused and motivated operating from next level beliefs, energetic vibrations, and habits to effortlessly align with your desired results.

Included in the program is:

  • One-on-one customised 90minute Zoom sessions
  • Customised  hypnotherapy, EFT scripts, meditations, energy healings
  • Value -packed worksheets and resources
  • Unlimited  feedback and support via Voxer ( free app) between sessions for any and all questions you may have.

This is for you if you’re an established entrepreneur/coach/business owner and you’ve reached your upper limit. It happens to all of us along the way at new levels of growth. You  fully understand the power of investing in yourself and are committed to transforming so that you can enhance what is already working for you.

The  current investment for the program is £7500 PIF or deposit £2000 to secure your space and 6 x £1000 monthly payments

If you’re ready to go on a transformational journey to your full potential, the next step is to complete the form here.

If we both feel we are a good fit, put on your socks, whip out your sweat pants, tie your hair back, let go of all distractions, Netflix, laundry, dogs, partners, to-do list, emails, give yourself dedicated time… and let’s work together privately to take you to your next income and growth level of success.

If you aren’t quite ready for this level of commitment, or if this is NOT for you and it’s either TOO advanced or NOT advanced enough, I have other 1-1 programs that will serve you.

I offer various ways to decided my private coaching/mentoring/hypnotherapy/healing services.  Simply drop an email to letting me know where you are at and what you feel you need and we will schedule a call to assess what’s best for you during a consolation conversation. 

Let’s do this

Discovery Call.
I can’t wait to help you move through fear while remembering who you are… and claiming the life you desire
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