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1:1 Fast Track

1:1 Fast Track
I only coach/mentor a select number of clients per month.
This ensures I give each client the time, energy and focus they deserve. It also means I can spend time personalising everything and work with those who I believe to be action takers.
Sometimes you need a seasoned psychic & mentor in your pocket for instant support, guidance and breakthroughs.

If you feel you’re not quite ready for the commitment of getting locked into a 3 month program, or you are working with another coach ( or in a high level mastermind) but still ‘stuck  around something’ then my monthly laser focused  sessions and direct access  could be just what you’re looking for.

Dedicated, bespoke guidance delivered with kindness, combining coaching, mentoring, hypnotherapy, eft and psychic guidance with added direct support, designed to work with your lifestyle and make you feel fabulous. Sustainable habit change, giving you a personal blueprint for results that last.

Think of it as a solution to your most pressing challenges, to help you find clarity and direction, turned into a highly tailored plan around your goals.

Imagine  boldly and confidently making your dreams happen? No more scattered thinking, procrastination, paralysing perfectionism. You’ll feel stronger, make positive changes,  have more energy and feel fabulous.

You have things fairly figured out but you suffer from anxiety, overwhelm perfectionism, procrastination, and self sabotage.

You are having trouble taking important steps towards your goals a s dreams, which is limiting your success and income.

Whatever your situation is, you know you could do with support.

You don’t have to do it my way, you get to do it your way.

Let’s work together privately to root out what’s holding you back and shift it.

I read the energy of the situation, I download, I provide practical guidance, a strategy or tool  so you move forward with conviction, confidence and clarity.

I marry the woo woo with the practical.

I’m the answer you didn’t even know you’ve been searching for.

With the right support, you can release what no longer serves you, step into a new version of yourself – with ease and from flow.

Coming from more alignment, ready to hit the ground running.

Anything you need, whether it’s help strategising, a psychic download, or working through fears, I’m a message away.

You have direct access to me for downloads, personalised mentoring and support on anything that’s going on in your life.

Response isn’t always instant but I check in daily.

This is THE most accessible way to work with me now.

This is YOUR chance to have me in your back pocket.

Soul first. Strategy second,

Support. Guidance. Downloads.

Email with any questions.

Let’s do this

Discovery Call.
I can’t wait to help you release the trauma, drop the stories, smash the negative beliefs,  so you can create the life you’ve been dreaming of.
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