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Laser  1:1

90 Minute Session
Intensive 1:1 on Zoom with Annie
It’s easy to get lost along the way. I can help you connect with the truth of who you really are, identify your truest desires and move through any obstacles.
You’re stuck, you feel overwhelmed? You have ‘ideas paralysis’, not sure what to prioritise?

I’ll hold you to your highest self and challenge any BS beliefs to lift you up and step into your potential. I’m a high level psychic with a spiritual as well as a strategic and practical approach.

Investment is £495. PIF.

90 mins goes fast. I recommend you chose your most PRESSING obstacle for us to focus on.

I apply my super power, my strategic mind and my psychic guidance to tune quickly into your challenge, help you with the art of thinking, of choosing, of deciding what the next steps are  and pack in as much as I can to help you.


Please email, let us know where you’re at, what you need help with. Before your session you’ll receive a detailed questionnaire from Annie to let her know what you want to focus on.

Please feel free to ask questions and give Annie anything you may like her to review before your session. Annie always likes to prepare in advance so you get the most out of your time together.

Deep work to help you energetically align to your goals, clear any energetic imbalances and money blocks so you move forward with ease is saved for private  hypno-healing clients and month coaching programs.

Annie is not able to perform miracles in a stand alone session – much like a single 90 min yoga session won’t help you control  your anxiety, enhance your self – awareness, lengthen your attention span, decrease your blood pressure, and improve your sleep for good…you need more than a one 90 minute session.

If you’d like the zoom session recorded, please let us know, as that’s possible. Lisa will send you resources, notes, and any bespoke action plan that you and Annie discussed. When you finish your time together, you’ll know exactly what you need to do next to move forward.

*(Please note: you will be billed in advance; there’s no refund once we book in the session. Unused time is non – refundable)

Let’s do this

Clarity  Call.
I can’t wait to show you HOW to step fully into your personal power and live life boldly and unapologetically.
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