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1:1 Pocket Mentor

1:1 Pocket Mentor
I have limited spots in my new pocket voxer container. Designed to offer psychic guidance or/ and support for real time solutions to real life challenges.
Sometimes you need a seasoned psychic & mentor in your pocket for instant support, guidance and breakthroughs.

Watching my clients transform from a state of confusion, angst or frustration  to enlightenment is exhilarating. Even more thrilling is the Aha!’ moment, when a certain realisation clicks into place, releasing them from the shackles of an imprisoning belief, habit, pattern that hasn’t been serving them, and getting  them back on track to make meaningful  change… this is why I felt called to create an ongoing container.

You speak. I listen. I help you find your magic. You are powerful. This is what I know to be true.

£1,111 PIF. £399/week P/Plan ( 4 payments)

Maybe you just don’t have time for 60-90min sessions each week?

You have things fairly figured out but need someone to untangle the threads in your mind on a specific situation.

You get triggered and sometimes lead with emotion and could do with help around channelling your emotional charges into calm, collected words that help you get the best possible outcome, politely set a boundary or say no.

Life has thrown a random curveball and you need some extra support for a particular period.

Whatever your situation is, you know you could do with support.

You don’t have to do it my way, you get to do it your way.

Let’s work together privately to root out what’s holding you back and shift it.

I read the energy of the situation, I download, I provide practical guidance, a strategy or tool  so you move forward with conviction, confidence and clarity.

I marry the woo woo with the practical.

I’m the answer you didn’t even know you’ve been searching for.

With the right support, you can release what no longer serves you, step into a new version of yourself – with ease and from flow.

Coming from more alignment, ready to hit the ground running.

Anything you need, whether it’s help strategising, a psychic download, or working through fears, I’m a message away.

This is all done via Voxer. You have direct access to me for downloads, personalised mentoring and support on anything that’s going on in your life.

Response isn’t always instant but I check in daily with the exception of Fridays.

This is THE most accessible way to work with me now.

This is YOUR chance to have me in your back pocket.

Support. Guidance. Downloads.

Email with any questions.

Let’s do this

Discovery Call.
I can’t wait to help you release the trauma, drop the stories, smash the negative beliefs,  so you can create the life you’ve been dreaming of.
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